What Is An Integrated Dishwasher?

Integrated dishwashers are designed to be integrated into a well-built kitchen, but they are more expensive than their freestanding counterparts because they are not produced in the same huge quantities. Buying a built-in dishwasher is one way to save money, as they do not hide their control panel behind kitchen cabinets and look more seamless … Read more

Humberside Appliance Fire Statistics 20-21

Which Appliances Cause The Most Domestic Fires in Humberside? Domestic appliances are safer than they’ve ever been, but according to the latest data from the UK Government there were still nearly 400 fires in Humberside between March 2020 and March 2021 caused by appliances. Collecting incident reports from every authority in the country across the year, … Read more

How Many Sizes Of Dishwashers Are There

While they have the same height and depth, standard-sized dishwashers have different widths and dimensions. An oversized dishwasher needs the same heights, depths and rough opening dimensions as a normal dishwasher. This is to ensure that the dishwasher fits into the kitchen cabinet without the additional widths, widths and dimensions that are characteristic of its … Read more

What Is A Hard Food Disposer In A Dishwasher?

Most dishwashers require a mechanism to dispose of the food that passes through the system. As described above, dishwashers get rid of leftover food from pots and pans through two prevailing mechanisms: integrated waste disposal and hard food filtration system.  While conventional dishwashers clean your dishes with detergent, hard food dispensers are designed to remove … Read more