Cost Of Dishwasher Installation

The average homeowner pays about £190 to install a dishwasher. The cost of installing plumbing and pipes can range anywhere from £600 to £1,600 per fixture. If you have to add extra sockets, sewer or water pipes that can cost up to £200 or more, it is worth choosing the location of your dishwasher from a practical point of view to maintain cosmetic plumbing to a minimum.   

Assuming that existing infrastructure is in place, the financial cost of installing a dishwasher can be as little as £20. Additional installation costs are incurred if the house does not already have a dishwasher or if you retrofit a kitchen to make room for one. You do not have to pay the high price to remove a cupboard part to install the dishwasher.    

Buying a dishwasher is a big financial commitment, but it can save you time, effort and money and reduce the cost of your energy bill annually. The installation of dishwashers with noise, movement and water leakage more than outweighs the labour costs.

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