How Do I Find Out How Old My Dishwasher Is?

In order to determine the age of your dishwasher, use your serial number (not your model number) to find the date of manufacture. You can work out how old your device is from the serial number on the nameplate. To determine the age of your devices based on your serial numbers and not the model numbers, you will find the manufacturing data on the label. 

To determine the date of manufacture of a dishwasher, you must find the model or serial number of your dishwasher. The method used so far varies by brand, so be sure to check your specific model to confirm which number system is used.

The production date of a Bosch dishwasher is mentioned in the first four digits of its serial number as a code. The 2 letters at the start of the serial number indicate the month and year the dishwasher was manufactured. Although Bosch does not print the code for all dishwashers in date format, the serial numbers can be used to determine the months and years in which a dishwasher was manufactured. 

In some cases, the metal or paper tags on which the dishwasher model and serial number are written have faded and become illegible over time. In the door or side panels of your dishwasher you will find rows of numbers and letters that are still legible even after years of use. Some kitchen appliances have license plates on the inside of the walls, and other appliances use doors at the edge of the back of the appliance. 

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