Humberside Appliance Fire Statistics 20-21

Which Appliances Cause The Most Domestic Fires in Humberside?

Domestic appliances are safer than they’ve ever been, but according to the latest data from the UK Government there were still nearly 400 fires in Humberside between March 2020 and March 2021 caused by appliances.

Collecting incident reports from every authority in the country across the year, we’ve compiled the date from the website to show which appliances cause the most fires and what the most common reasons are for appliance fire outbreaks.

We’ve also gone back and compared the same data from 2010-2011 to see how the number of appliance fires has changed in the past 10 years, discovering that the number of appliance fires in Humberside has decreased dramatically in that time.

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What The Data Tells Us

There were 378 appliance fire incidents recorded in Humberside between March 2020 and March 2021; an 82% decrease compared to the same period 10 years ago.

Cookers cause the majority of appliance fires in Humberside

The majority of domestic appliance fires are caused by cookers and ovens, with 111 fire incidents recorded in 2020/2021. While still a high number, that’s a 34% decrease compared to 2010/2011. 

The number of microwave fire incidents have reduced massively since 2010/11. There were 10 recored in the latest data, which is a 140% drop compared to 10 years previous. 

Ring & Hot Plate fires have also dropped off dramatically, with a 300% decrease in recorded incidents over 10 years. 

Most Appliance Fires in Humberside Are Caused By Misuse Of Equipment

Nearly 75 fire incidents in 2020/21 were attributed to misuse of equipment, a 58% decrease compared to 2010/11. 

Faulty appliances and leads is the 4th most common cause of appliance fires, with 22 recorded last year – a 164% decrease compared with ten years ago. 

Accidental fires, faulty fuel lines and placing articles too close to the heat are the only two causes that have increase in number since 2010/11.

Why are there fewer appliances fires in Humberside compared to 10 years ago?

Here at we think there are a number of factors, but the biggest of them is the increase in safety of domestic appliances combined with increased public awareness of fire risks in the home.

See the full data on the infographic below:

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